Harmattan and Skin Care

As the dry and dusty winds blow, our skin demands some attention. Ever woken up to ghost feet? Today’s post is to take you to soft and properly moisturised skin not only during the harmattan season but all year round.

Hey lovelies! I’m particularly excited about this one. For me, moistirising the skin takes the same procedure as moisturising the hair. I use the loc method mostly. In doing this, you want to be careful with product proportions.


Liquid : usually water.
Oil : olive oil or castor oil for me
Cream : Shea mix or cocoa butter

Process you ask? After a shower,  towel dry the body quickly and apply your oil focusing more on areas prone to dryness. If you use castor oil, you’re good to go. If not, seal with a shea or cocoa butter mix. You need not apply the butter heavily.

To moisturise dry skin, hydrate the skin with some water,  and then apply your oil and butter.

I hope these methods work for you. How do you stay moisturised all day?


Hey sweeties!

Welcome to November!!

It’s a hat month for me. I just love them – I have about 10, yes and I’m looking to get more. Bowlers for Christmas won’t be bad all. Hats funk up the look all the time. I change the bands so I’m more excited about my look for the day – look good, feel good, stay confident!

I remembered to take photos for you all so you see how i prepped my mid-length afro (mla) last week. This is the way i do it most of the time.


Its not perfect but who’s going to see it anyway? The bulk has to be managed so the hat fits on properly and stays on. Has the wind embarrassed you before? Let me keep my story for another time. This is my way of managing the hair underneath the hat and leaving the fronts to enjoy the weather.

Firstly, I lightly spritz my hair with a mix of water, coconut oil, a teensy bit of glycerine and leave-in conditioner and seal with my famous shea butter mix. Then, I section off the front and band it with ouchless ribbons to keep it stretched – you don’t want to allow water to do its thing for a minute or else you’d lose the stretch.



As seen in the photo above, I finger parted the hair vertically til mid crown. I don’t fancy combing so combs were not featured. 😜 I rolled, tucked the hair in, and secured it with bobby pins as I went along. It really doesn’t have to be perfect. I know, some mates just catch you off guard and before you can say JACK, the hat’s on them but I still like it imperfect or “jagga jagga” (as my Nigerian friend has described it 😂).


I then took off the bands, adjusted the hair with my fingers… and BAM!



Its real love that you don’t know about. Haha.
Happy Monday sweets!
♡ N’aye

HOTD| Twist Out Day 6

I just put the hair in a satin bonnet at night and applied some castor oil to the hair in the morning.


I really missed wearing a hat so I picked a brown to match my shoes (sadly, no photo available) and then prepared the hair for the hat. Gone are my twa days when i just put the hat on and went about my business.

This time, the bulk demands I hold the back onto the scalp somehow. I divided the back into two horizontally and then flat twisted upward to the part of the crown the hat would sit. You can simply roll and pin the hair at the back upward instead of flat twisting. After collecting the sides into the twists, I pinned the hair down and secured the hat on so no wind formed against my style of the day would prosper. Haha… BAM!

For a video tutorial let me know. Don’t forget to like, follow, share and show me when u do luvz!

Have a blessed week!

HOTD| Twist Out Day 4

Morning Routine: My hair asked for castor oil so i gave it a teensy bit. I applied it on the hair paying attention to the ends. Castor oil just makes my hair soft. I then laid the hair in the direction that i wanted the ‘fringes’ to go, tucked the side i wanted the fascinator to go behind my ear, fixed the accessory in and bam!



Hope you like it. I’d like to see when you do yours too. For information on the N’ayell hair piece, pleave send an email to the address in the contact me section. Have a GREAT weekend! 💋

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